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Tora Dojo consists of two parallel curricula; the hard systems and the soft systems. Those interested in hard style martial arts will learn Karate and related arts until Black Belt. After receiving their Black Belt, they will then begin to learn Chinese systems, such as Hung Gar, Ba Gua, and more.

The soft stylists learn Yang Style Tai Chi Chaun until Black Sash (Belt). After earning their Black Sash they then learn Wu Style, Sun, Chen, Ba Gua and other soft arts. 
The hard and soft systems eventually meet at White Crane and Chen.
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Beginning Tai Chi students are first taught the Yang Short Form as taught by Master Herman Kauz. After learning this form the students are introduced to non-competitive Push Hands as taught by Master Kauz.
Subsequent material includes Yang Style elements as taught by Master H. I. Sober. This includes the Yang Style Long Form, Two-Man Form, Broad Sword (Dao) and Straight Sword (Jian).

In addition, various Chi Gung forms and techniques are taught, including eight brocades, great swimming dragon, wu dang five animals form, and others.


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