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About Us

I began learning martial arts in college (Judo, Taekwondo). I started practicing Tai Chi Chuan 30 years ago with the Tora Dojo Association of Jerusalem under the guidance of Sifu Arthur Gribetz, who had been teaching me Karate. I studied Yang Style for about 7 years then began studying  Great Swimming Dragon as well. After 9 years practicing Tai Chi I was awarded the Black Sash (Belt), the title Chiao Lin, and I was inducted into the Hsien Chuang Ting Black Belt Association. 

Sifu Gribetz then began to teach me Wu Style, then 2 years later I added Chen Style to my practice. After 3 more years I added Sun Style and 2 years later I began to practice Wu Hao Style. Each style has enriched my understanding and practice of the previous styles. Seeing the similarities and differences between these styles has allowed me to better understand the fundamental elements of Tai Chi, making me a better practitioner and better teacher.

I was awarded the title Sifu in 2011 by Grandmaster H. I. Sober. 

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