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""  -- "Sifu" means "Master", so this is a presumptuous WEB address. The address was available .. what can I say?

When I received the title "Sifu" from the founder of Tora Dojo Martial Arts Organization, Grand Master H. I. Sober, I was a bit embarrassed. Yes, I had been practicing hard for decades, but "Master", really? I had come to think of Master as describing Master Sober and Master Herman Kauz, another man I have had the privilege of learning from. These gentlemen can do astounding things. Things I had not come close to being able to do. Nor will I ever come close to their achievements. 

Nevertheless, Master Sober saw fit to give me the title as he had done for a few of his top Tai Chi students. So, with no claim to be anything close to Masters Sober and Kauz, I am a Tora Dojo Sifu. I have learned quite a bit from my teachers and have been privileged to teach Tai Chi to many students with a large range of personal goals within the art.

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Grand Master Sober

I have taught martial artists interested in fighting and self defense, students with serious health issues, and those interested in the health, Chi  Gung, and the meditative aspects of the art.

Since I learn so much from teaching and I want to help others reap the benefits of Tai Chi practice, I would love to teach you. Please contact me about classes, seminars, or private lessons.

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David Goldstein

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